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12.03.2011 16:59 - Verbal Homeopathy™ or Your Health for Free/Хомеопатичните препарати могат да бъдат направени с думи /Part 8
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Вербална хомеопатия™на  български език
Хомеопатичните препарати могат да бъдат направени с думи

Verbal Homeopathy™ or Your Health for Free
Silva Antony Don


Verbal Homeopathy™ is particularly effective in an emergency.
In high temperature, for example, you can choose between: 

1. Belladonna CM, or MMM, or MMMMM – rapidly rising temperature with a red, warm and wet face and diaphoresis (excessive perspiration) in acute inflammation. Variable desire for water. Intolerance to noise and light.

2. Aconitum CM, or MMM, or MMMMM – rapidly rising temperature with dry, red and hot skin. Desire to drink huge amounts of water. Strong anxiety and constant twitching and restlessness. The preparation is also suitable for the influenza syndrome (can be added to the influenza complex). It is also essential in cases of colds due to exposure to biting, cold and dry wind and a sudden, unexpected change in weather from warm to cold, or when falling into ice cold water or drinking ice cold water.

3. Gelsemium CM, or MMM, or MMMMM – high temperature with almost total inability to move and total lack of desire to drink water.

4. Bryonia alba CM, or MMM, or MMMMM – gradually rising temperature which stays high for a long time. Excessive thirst for cold water. Almost complete immobilization, pain at the slightest movement. Stiffness.

5. Stramonium CM, or MMM, or MMMMM – extremely high temperature, which is not influenced by anything else. Dry heat and subsequent sweating. Cold limbs, strong thirst. Throbbing headache. The head is raised and tossed back to again sink in the pillow.  Risk of hyperthermic seizures. Delirium, dilated pupils, circular movements to grip imaginary objects.

6. Chamomilla CM or MMM, or MMMMM – high temperature with hot, heavy perspiration on the head and face. Strong thirst. One cheek is red, the other is cold, burning feet. Restlessness, irritability, anger.

7. Ferrum phosphoricum CM or MMM, or MMMMM -  slightly increased temperature, less than 39 degrees, which has been rising gradually. Alternating pallor and flushing of the face, wet skin without excessive perspiration. Hot flushes in the face, fatigue and feeling of intoxication.

8. Pyrogenium CM or MMM or MMMMM – the preparation can be applied in all forms of acute and chronic infectious conditions accompanied by fever and suppuration. Use it to treat infected wounds and all purulent processes. It is indispensable for food poisoning. There is a discrepancy between the pulse and the temperature. The tongue is red and shiny, there is a pus smell. Patient has a feeling of soreness and bruising.


If difficult to establish the correct preparation, a verbal complex can be prepared from all the substances or from some of them for high temperature conditions. This may be used as prevention of colds and flu conditions in people who are predisposed to having high temperature.




In emergency and urgent situations where rapid response is required, you can make a preparation in two minutes’ time to greatly alleviate the condition of the sufferer and in some cases to give them time to get to a specialized medical facility. These preparations are highly efficient even in very severe conditions and are compatible with any other emergency treatment applied. They can be combined with each other.

1. Arnica Montana CM or MMM or MMMMMM

The indications are: all traumatic injuries due to accidents, falling, fractures, domestic trauma, beating, surgery, including childbirth. Arnica acts as a strong vascular protector. It prevents the development of blood clots, disperses suffusions extremely quickly, hematoma, ecchymoses, varicose, relieves all types of bleeding, helps manage states of shock quickly, significantly reduces pain, acts preventively in hypertensive and cardiac-disease patients and alleviates the condition in stroke or heart attack; in such cases it is often life saving.

Arnica is used in all types of muscle fatigue, climbing, carrying weights, field work, construction work, high sports mastery; the preparation prevents or reduces the pain in muscle fever, relieves the load on the muscles, allows for much easier recovery. It is good to take Arnica before, during and after overloading.

Arnica is the main preparation to use after childbirth. It should be taken continuously from the first moment of starting labor, during labor and until full recovery after 30-40 days. Doses are diluted in accordance with improvement. Arnica can be taken during labor every 5 minutes. It is compatible with any type of surgical intervention.


2. Belis perenis CM or MMM or MMMMMM – daisy

Indications are: – Hits in the abdomen and pelvis minor following car crashes or other accidents. It prevents bleeding and relieves the condition after bleeding. It should be taken intensively for a month or two after the injury, and possibly longer, depending on the severity of the incident, but for at least a month after the symptoms (pains) have faded, in view of deep internal injuries that cannot always be identified. Patients often die of internal bleeding a couple of months after the incident, especially after they have been discharged from the hospital. In this sense, both Arnica and Belis perenis have no analogy in medical practice in respect of their preventive function. Their prolonged and regular administering effectively prevents such accidents.


3. Conium CM or MMM or MMMMMM – hemlock

Indications are:

- Heavy blows in the chest area after accidents. The preparation leads to faster recovery and prevents or relieves bleeding in this area. Take for at least a month after the symptoms (pains) have faded to prevent complications of deeper internal injuries that cannot always be identified.

- Has an effect on acute paresis of motor and sensory nerves resulting from accidents.

- Favors the spreading of various concretions in the body resulting from accidents.


4. China CM or MMM or MMMMMM – cinchona bark.

Indications are:

- Management of small to medium internal and external bleeding due to accidents.

- Relief in conditions of severe blood losses (internal and external). Should be taken simultaneously to therapeutical emergency measures.

- Nose bleeding.

- Recovery from severe blood loss and accidents. In this case, it should be taken for months.


5. Phosphor CM or MMM or MMMMMM – white phosphorus

Indications are:

- Frequent, recurrent heavy bleeding.

- Manages weak and medium hemorrhages in various accidents.

- In severe blood loss, it is combined with traditional styptic and healing methods – transfusion, anti-shock therapy, haemostasis.

- Nose bleeding.

- Bleeding in the intestine. Effectively combines with any other treatment methods.

- Heavy bleeding in the urine – haematuria.

- Very heavy menstruation with risk of anemia.

- Bleeding from ulcers in the stomach.

- Bleeding from wounds and ulcers that bleed abnormally.

- Spitting blood – haematemesis.

The preparation should be given continuously during the incident and for about a week to a month after the symptoms have faded, depending on the seriousness of the case, in view of avoiding future complications. Combined with any other emergency actions: transfusion, anti-shock therapy, surgery.

In anaemia and large blood loss, the treatment lasts for months until the patient is fully recovered. Can be successfully combined with Ferrum metallicum or Ferrum phosphricum, as well as with China.


6. Sulfur acid CM or MMM or MMMMMM – sulfuric acid

Indications are:

- Post-traumatic persistent suffusion with severe pain, stiffness and severe infectious conditions. Risk of sepsis and internal bleeding.

- Bleeding with black, liquid blood.

This preparation may very well follow Arnica, especially in persistent suffusion and complications. Accompanied by headache with a feeling as if the brain is rocking in the skull.


7. Bothrops lanceolatus CM or MMM or MMMMMM – Poison of botrops lantseolatus (Brazilian snake species)

Indications are:

- Different types of bleeding with black non-coagulating blood and a near-collapsing state, lethargy, pale marbled skin, cyanosis, shortness of breath, weak pulse.

- Cerebral hemorrhage (stroke)

- Bleeding in the stomach

- Deep arterial thrombosis

- Thrombophlebitis

- Bleeding nose

- Capillary bleeding

- Super-infection with suppuration.


8. Carbo vegetabilis CM, or MMM or MMMMMM. – Medicinal charcoal.

Indications are:

- State of collapse: general weakness, pale-grey to bluish face, cold skin covered with cold sweat on the forehead and face, cold breath, rapid and shallow breathing, weak pulse. Very characteristic is the need to fan oneself.  This relieves and comforts the patient. Often, in homeopathy, this preparation is called “reviver of corpses“.

- It can be applied in conditions of acute respiratory failure and heart failure as an aid to the classical treatment.

- Hemorrhage of black blood.


9. Hydrocianicum acid CM or MMM or MMMMMM – potassium cyanide

Indications are:

- Emergency assistance in cases of stenocardia with arrhythmias and a tendency to collapse (lethargy and freezing);

- Vascular cerebral accident (stroke) with choking and cyanosis;

- The preparation is extremely useful in cases of drowning and suffocation.


10. Ledum CM or MMM or MMMMMM – ledum

Indications are:

- Suffusion in trauma (clots around the eye from a hard object, around the fingertips and feet). The skin is cold and marbled. Traumas from stabbing, biting and stinging (thorns, nails, blades, knives, needles, animals and insects). There is often an itching and a rash. The symptoms are relieved by cold and worsen by warming.


11. Hyperycum off. CM or MMM or MMMMMM – St. John’s Wort (arnica of the nervous system)

Indications are:

- Any type of nerve injury resulting from puncture, crash, laceration, cut;

- Lubrication and bruising of the limbs;

- Any stab wound – puncture, biting, stinging;

- Nail extraction;

- Phantom pain in severed limbs;

- Effects of neurosurgical intervention;

- Cranial-cerebral injury with headache and memory disturbance;

- Facial neuralgia by cold (in the first days or at the moment of paresis);

- Tooth extraction;

- The pains along the nerves are distributed centripetally. The pains worsen sharply by touch.



Stinging and biting


A verbal preparation can be quickly made to alleviate the condition in stinging and biting. You can choose between several possible preparations, or you can prepare a complex of all the options that can be carried and used when needed. Taking a few drops immediately after the stinging has a rapid effect and is particularly good for children.


1. Ledum CM or MMM or MMMMM – Ledum is the No. 1 preparation for stinging and biting.

Indications are: any stinging and biting. Give every 10-15 minutes. The affected area is cold (swollen, firm and red) and is relieved by cold. Ledum quickly alleviates the situation in severe allergic reactions to stinging. The preparation is suitable for all cases of stinging by any animal – from mosquitoes to dog or reptile biting.


2. Apis melf. CM or MMM or MMMMMM – bee

Indications are: stinging by wasps or bees. The spot is painful, with biting pain, swelling, swollen and sore. It is alleviated by cold. Worsens by exposure to heat, even when sitting in a warm place. Give every 5-10 minutes. If the stinging is near the mouth and there is a laryngeal edema and severe allergic reactions, it can be given every 2-3 minutes. Making a verbal preparation in this state within 20-30 seconds may be life-saving, especially if nothing else is available. This gives the patient a chance to reach a hospital in very severe cases.


3. Cantharis CM or MMM or MMMMMM – Spanish fly.

Indications are: stinging with strong burning, sharp, biting pains that are unbearable. There is a strong reddening, even ulceration, intense rash.


4. Hypericum CM or MMM or MMMMMM – St. John’s Wort

Indications are: snakebite. The preparation is given every 10-15 minutes, or possibly more often. It combines well with the standard methods of treatment with a serum injection. The verbal preparation can stabilize the condition of the sufferer until the serum is delivered. In less severe cases of less poisonous reptiles, it is enough to only give the preparation. The pain along the nerve is centripetal.


5. Urtica urens CM or MMM or MMMMMM – Nettle

Indications are: acute allergic skin reaction with rash and itching in bee or wasp stinging. A burning sensation, redness, swelling, intolerable itching at the slightest touch. Deteriorates upon contact with water and cold.


6. Tarantula cubensis CM or MMM or MMMMMM – Tarantula

Indications are: unbearable painful burning sensation after stinging or biting. Cyanosis of the skin and swelling at the spot.


7. Carbo acid CM or MMM or MMMMMM – carbolic acid

Indications are: the preparation has proven efficient in very strong allergic reactions to collapsing (fatigue and cooling) consequent to bee or wasp stinging. Painful itchy rash, which may extend to ulceration. It is given every 5-10 minutes depending on the degree of the allergic reaction. In a more serious condition, it may be applied every 2-3 minutes.


Fractures, sprains, dislocations, severe physical overload

1. Arnica montana CM or MMM or MMMMMM – arnica

Indications are: fractures and injuries with swelling, suffusion and severe pain. The preparation controls the shock, reduces the pain and prevents the occurrence of hematoma, and where there already are hematoma, it spreads them more quickly and prevents complications. Drink from the beginning, every 10-15 minutes, and if the situation is very severe, take it every 2-3 minutes. Doses are diluted in accordance with improvement. Take for at least a month after the last symptoms have subsided and the bones have healed.

2. Rhus toxicodendron CM or MMM or MMMMMM

Indications are: sprains, strains, dislocations and overload of the joints. Often there is a strong uneasiness and anxiety, as well as stiffness, swelling and pain in the muscles, which is alleviated by a more prolonged movement (in some cases). Is improved by warmth and dry air. Deteriorates severely by exposure to moisture.

3. Ruta grav. CM or MMM or MMMMMM – rue.

Indications are: all injuries affecting the tendons, joints and periosteum (the tissue covering the outer surface of bone). It works very well with dislocations, sprains, luxations and overloading of the knee, ankles and wrists. The joint is stiff, swollen and very painful. The pain in mild cases is relieved by a prolonged movement. The tendons feel too short, bruised and painful. Improvement is observed by exposure to warmth and dry air, and deterioration from moisture.

4. Hypericum perf. CM or MMM or MMMMMM – St. John’s Wort

Indications are: any trauma of the limbs and spine that affects the nervous system. Fractures, lubrication, bruises, luxations. The preparation works especially well in injury to the fingers and toes, trauma to the coccyx, including birth trauma, trauma of the nerve endings in the ears, lips, nose, terminal phalanges of the fingers.

- The preparation is used in the syndrome of patients who have suffered cranial trauma with headache, dizziness and memory impairment.

5. Symphitum 5C, 9C – comfrey

Indications are: the preparation facilitates the healing in fractures, reduces and relieves pain. This is a preparation used in low attenuations, because the effects are mainly physical.

High attenuations such as 100CM, MMM, MMMMM can be used in various congestions, adhesions and traumatic swelling of the bones.

6. Eupatorium perf. СМ, or МММ, or ММММММ – Eupatorium perfolatum

Indications are: severe pain in fractures and injuries of the limbs and muscles. Deterioration in each movement.

7. Bryonia alba CM or MMM or MMMMMM – white pumpkin.

Indications are: cracking and fracture of ribs. Severe pain in the joints from overloading, especially of the knee. Often there is swelling. Patient is unable to make any movement. The preparation is essential in a serous swelling; combines with Apis.

8. Silicea CM or MMM or MMMMMM – silicon

Indications are: broken limbs, coupled with acute shortage of silicon and calcium – osteoporosis. Difficulties in healing. The preparation is often used in children who grow too quickly during their maturation.  In such cases Silicea successfully combines with Calcarea phosphoricum.

9. Calcarea fluorica CM or MMM or MMMMMM – calcium fluoride.

Indications are: recurrent sprains from excessive looseness of the joints and slackness in the tissues. The preparation is essential in predisposition to or presence of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis with presence of osteofites (exostoses), lumbago.

Verbal Homeopathy™ or Your Health for Free
Silva Antony Don




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